HG Series actuators Pneumatic and hydraulic


Product Description

Working Parameter

Angle of revolution: 0°- 90°
Output torque:
Double action 1500 - 100000Nm (15000-900000inlb ) .
Spring return 600 - 20000Nm (5500-180000 inlb) .

Working pressure:
Pneumatic 3-10 bar (40-145 PSIG ) Hydraulic 100 bar(Working temperature) ( 1450 PSIG )

Operating Temperature:
ST (standard) NBR O-ring -20 to+80
HT (high Temperature) FPM O-ring -15 to+150
LT (low Temperature) Silicon O-ring -40 to+80

Modular design:

GH-series actuators have functional modules such as pneumatic power, hydraulic power, spring power and manual control. All the functional modules are subject to inter- combination and exchange, so that users can choose various modules according to functional requirements of valve process control procedure. The modules can be purchased separately, reducing Inventory of spare parts.

GH-series pre-assembled spring module adopts the latest manufacturing process. It preassembles a spring in the modules, eliminating the spring of incidental release, removing potential risks, preventing malfunction and facilitating disassembly and Installation.

Compact type:
GH-series actuators integrate and optimize the center-of-gravity position, making the appearance more reasonable and light. Compared with other actuators with the same torque, its mass is much lighter, and needs.

Water-resistant protection:
Complying with IP66 and IP67 protection standards, all parts and components are equipped with O rings at their joints, which can effectively prevent water entering the case. It is able to withstand short-term or long-term immersion in water, so that users can make a choice according to requirements.

Wearing and lubrication:
The position where the piston rod and piston slide and rub is furnished with self-lubricating bearing. The piston rod is plated with hard chrome and is provided with fine grinding and finishing.
The cylinder inner wall is coated with Teflon or polished by hard chromium plating. With such outstanding lubricating property, the output energy can be directly transmitted to the valve, which reduces friction and effectively improves the utilization efficiency of springs.

Corrosion resistance:
GH-series actuators, with internal protection and external coating, are reliably applicable to all kinds of environments and are in compliance with relevant national standards.

The connection size of the top drive shafts of all GH-series models is the same and is in compliance with NAMUR standard, so that it is easy to install such fittings as position switch, locator.

Valve installation:
As for the installation of GH-series actuators and valves, flanges and shaft key connection, the size complies with the torque range specified in ISO5211 standard.

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