The company produced Series 600, Series 5000, Series 7000, Series 6000,Series 9000 ,Series 800 ,Series T4H is widely used in petrochemical industry and refineries.

The Series 800 high-performance butterfly valve can fully meet the process of producing oxygen and other gases in the air separation system. For example, our valves are widely used in a variety of pressure swing adsorption (the VPSA) system applied in the following areas, metal melting, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and cutting process during the manufacture of oxygen.

Products used in the power industry

◆Qinshan Nuclear Power
◆Shenyang Huitian Thermal Power
◆Daya Bay Nuclear Power
◆Wujin Yaneng Thermal Power
◆Guangdong Nuclear Power
◆Shanghai Caojing Thermal Power
◆Hebei Langfang Heating Company
◆Jiangsu Huadian Qishuyan Power Generation
◆Harbin Heating Company
◆Zunyi Wujiangdu Power Plant
◆Dongfang Water Treatment

Products used in the Metallurgical industry:

◆Shougang Corporation
◆ Anshan Iron and Steel Company
◆Handan Iron and Steel Plant
◆ Baotou Iron and Steel Rare Earth Company
◆Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals
◆ Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
◆Zhengzhou Aluminum Factory
◆Dalian Steel Plant
◆ Maanshan Iron and Steel Company
◆Jinan Iron and Steel Plant
◆ Panzhihua Iron and Steel
◆ Xining Special Steel Group
◆Fushun Steel Plant

Products used in the Water treatment industry:

◆ Xinhe Sewage Treatment Plant
◆ Beijing Gaobeidian Sewage Treatment Plant
◆ Changzhou Jintan No. 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant
◆ Changzhou Jintan Second Sewage Treatment Plant
◆ Changshu Binjiang Wastewater Treatment Plant
◆ Changchun Nanjiao Sewage Treatment Plant
◆ Guangdong Huizhou Sewage Treatment Plant

Products used in the General Machinery

◆Research Semiconductor
◆Anshan Elem Control Equipment
◆Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
◆Pall filter
◆Changzhou Cima Cryogenic Equipment
◆Xiamen Chunbao Precision Tungsten Steel
◆Anhui Huaguang Glass Group
◆Xianning Glass Factory