clutch handwheel gear operator


Product Description

Main uses of handwheel mechanism:
This reducer is used in combination with pneumatic device for manual or pneumatic drive of butterfly valves and plug valves opened by 90°.

1. Small volume, light weight, reasonable design and novel style. This model has overcome the old model difficult to operate, easy to damage the problem, customers can rest assured to use.
2. Products are serialized, output torque is matched with pneumatic devices and various valves; The turbine connection bore has two key ways 90°apart to allow the user to select the position of the device relative to the valve body as required.
3. Turn the handle, rotate the eccentric device 180°, tighten the rubber nut to achieve pneumatics; Instead, implement manual.
4. When the product leaves the factory, it is equipped with special grease. After assembling with the valve, it is sealed as a whole, dustproof and waterproof

Instructions for use:
1. The bottom surface of the handwheel mechanism is connected with the valve, the bracket surface is connected with the cylinder, the valve shaft and the internal hole of the worm wheel are coordinated through, and the squarehole of the valve shaft end is coordinated with the square hole of the cylinder. Working process: when pneumatic, the cylinder drives the valve shaftand worm wheel to turn together. When manual, worm and worm gear mesh, drive the valve shaft rotation, cylinder piston follow.
2. When turning the handle to close the worm, there will be the phenomenon of tooth jacking. It is necessary to turn the handwheel at an Angleto close the worm. Limit rubber nut should be tightened when operating handleis turned.
3. Unscrew the limit rubber nut with the handle in the closed positionand operate manually. It can not be pneumatic at this time. Turn the handle tothe off position, and the worm gear is detached to achieve pneumatics.
4. Unscrew the limit rubber nut, the handle is off position, and switch manually by pneumatic. When the limit rubber nut is unscrewed and the handle is in the closing position, there may be tooth lifting phenomenon. Turn the handle back and forth to ensure the worm gear meshing correctly with theworm.
5. Pneumatic and manual operation can not be carried outsimultaneously.

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