The ball and butterfly valves manufactured by N-J® have large flow capacity, low flow resistance and good tightness, they are used in various industries, such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical and petrochemical, electric power generation, pulp and paper, etc. Its products are also provided to the nuclear and aerospace industries. Product Features:

 Flexible lip seats eliminates cold flow, compensates for wear, pressure and temperature variations.

 Offset shaft and eccentric disc design of the butterfly valves eliminates the friction points at top and bottom which prolongs the cycle life of the seat.
 The valve body, pressure bearing parts and bolts are designed and calculated according to ASME/ANSI standards for safety and reliability.
 Specially formulated seat materials have wide pressure and temperature resistance range.
 High accuracy control due to using CAD, CNC machining and 3D measuring equipment insures consistent high performance and long service life.
 Special seat design automatically relieves cavity pressure and prevents excessive pressure build up in the valve.
 Self-lubrication bushing material and strictly controlled fitting dimensions and tolerances give the valves the lowest possible operation torques.
 Materials of the valves meet ASTM specifications and NACE MR01-75, GB12228, GB12229 and GB12230.
 The valves are fire tested according to API 607. Valves can be supplied with Static Grounding.